ATTENTION: Calling all those who daydream about slack-lining across the Grand Canyon and free diving into the neon coral reefs of Australia…

My name’s Cat. Let me first say that I’m sorry if my intro got you all hot and bothered and/or really excited. I don’t really have anything to offer you that will physically get you to the Grand Canyon or Australia. So I’m sorry about that.

I do have something to offer you. If talking, reading, breathing extreme sports sounds like something you can dig (for now, at least), I would be happy to offer you a space to do just that. I am no connoisseur of extreme sports, but I would love to share my journey of becoming one with you. If you can bare reading from a rookie, I promise I won’t disappoint. 

This entire blog has been inspired by the company I work for, Red Bull. Red Bull sponsors hundreds of athletes competing in common sports, as well as extreme sports. Check this link out to see all of Red Bull’s extreme sports athletes!

So maybe you’re like me, and you’re still quite unsure of what qualifies a sport as an extreme sport. 

Here’s what I gathered from the ole World Wide Web:

  • Extreme sports are often called ‘adventure/ous’ or ‘action sports’. 
  • Usually individual sports, rarely teams.
  • There is usually an inherent danger or risk involved.
  • Lots of gear and cool stuff. 

Still unsure? Maybe these images will help.


OK, HOW DO YOU FEEL?! Pretty exhilarating, amiright? It’s kind of like puking from food poisoning from McDonald’s chicken nuggets, and then ordering chicken nuggets again another day because you just can’t just not forgive them. They’re addicting and you NEED them. That’s the adrenaline and attachment that I think these athletes get from their extreme sport. (Get you a sport that gives you a chicken nugget kind of love).

These kinds of images are the reason why I can’t seem to sit still through classes and work. The more squeamish, the better, it seems. I’m telling you, extreme sports have been around for almost half a decade, but seem to be generating speed in the popularity department, especially amongst the millennial.

It is difficult to determine exactly when the term extreme sports came to refer to certain modern sports, but many believe it can be traced to the early 1970s, when rock climbing and marathon running—then considered extreme—gained popularity – Matt Williamson from Catalogs.com

So, to wrap my first post up… What are your insights on extreme sports? Are there any sports in particular that I should stalk?!


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