When an Ice Climber falls, does anyone notice?

Canada is nice. Canada is huge. On one end of the country, there are lots and lots of lights, buildings, malls, and people. On the other side, there’s a whole lot of nothing. Well… except snow, land and ice.

One of Canada’s top ice climbers, John Freeman, explored Canada’s tundra to see what he could conquer. As ice climbers already know, each pick at the ice is a risky one, but one they’re willing to take. Most of the time, the picks are gentle, but establish a firm connection between the ice and pick. Freeman just happened to find out just what may happen when ice becomes too thin or too weak to climb.

Check this video out: Ice Pillar Snaps with Climber attached, here’s how he survived.

As mentioned in the video, a TON of ice is 1m x 1m x 1m. The ice he was climbing had to be several tons, considering how large it appeared in the video. Bless his heart for being able to walk out of that situation with no serious injuries. The dude even climbed the very next day!

There’s something to be said about this addiction… this drive… the need for these athletes to brush themselves off after free falling on a GIANT icicle, and then wrestling several tons of it on the ground. Talk about losing the breath out of your lungs. Ouch. But it brings me back to my chicken nugget-type-of-addiction from my first post. These climbers are absolutely crazy in their heads to want nothing but to get back out there and do the very thing that almost ended their life.

Personally, this is one extreme sport that I’d be very, very hesitant to try, even though I live in Michigan which is consistently rated as one of the top worst states to live in during the winter time because of the extreme winter conditions. I dunno… maybe I’d be good at it… Would you try this?


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