The Plug and the Travel Bug

Three words for you: Red. Bull. TV.

No joke, this is not a paid promo ad or anything, I honestly just wanna hook you guys up with the sickest action sports feed in the world. Red Bull TV is the plug for all sorts of stuff, (you might end up getting lost through their channels) but if you download the app, or just hit up Red Bull TV’s Website,

  1. Click “Channels” at the mid left corner
  2. Click any category (I really like ‘SNOW’, ‘CULTURE’, OR ‘SURF’)!
  3. Indulge. Boom.

On a side note, what do you think about the correlation between those who love action/adventure sports and the wanderlust?

Do they go hand in hand?

My thought is is this: YES.

I think that the idea of extreme/action/adventure sports is to go to a physical destination that parallels the craziness of that sport. For example, although slack lining in your backyard between two trees sounds like fun, professional slack liners dream of slack lining across massive natural and man-made structures. Or, although freedivers can choose to hold their breath in the community pool or pond, I’m sure they also dream of traveling to a well-known body of water that would look very impressive next to their name, after they’ve broken the world record.

I think one of the reasons why I am so intrigued by action sports is because there is an adventure that goes alongside these sports. It’s like this: even if you don’t end up performing as well as you wanted to, at least you can hang out and explore the amazing places that action sport athletes visit! Maybe I’m wrong- but the thrill of it isn’t solely from the adrenaline for me. I am breath taken by the sport and the destinations.

So what do you think? Related or nah?



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